Thursday, May 28, 2009

Bring it!

Memorial Day has come and gone and now its official. For all things Black & Orange or things that end with"ween"....the Hunt begins.

Here's the thing of it...for the past 2 years, my love for vintage-esque & folk art Halloween items and the itch to add to my growing collection kicks into high-gear right about now. This year it started even earlier. I know for certain that I made Halloween purchases before St. Patricks Day this year. I even lucked upon a little general store right after Easter that had a whole display case of Bethany Lowe halloween items and I certainly picked up a few then too.

And tonight, I have placed my first *BIG* order of all things Black & Orange from Bayberry Cove. (well mostly black...because I bought several black cats on this order) Of course, almost everything was a pre-order, so it will be a while before it arrives....but that makes it all the better. Kind of like a little kid waiting for Halloween to get here.

And shhh....don't tell anyone....but I ordered Johanna Parker Halloween plates....and they are ADORABLE!!!!

The reason I say don't tell anyone is because Johanna Parker is a very up-and-coming popular artist right now and it seems like everyone wants her stuff. But I don't want everyone to know that her Halloween Plates are ready for pre-orders yet... (Debbie JUST listed them today, partially at my begging) and I want it to be my little secret for now. Just for a moment.

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Classics and Country said...

I wish we could decorate for Halloween all year! I think everyone is excited about her contest. Good luck!